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Impact is a high quality melamine faced board. Using bison chipboard as a substrate, a single sheet of melamine impregnated décor paper is bonded to both  the board Surfaces under heat and pressure. This provides a durable scratch and  moisture surface. A 2mm PVC edging is used on the door edges to create a durable long lasting product.


Vinyl wrap is a protective and attractive finish for kitchen doors that is done with a method of vacuum pressing a plastic decorative foil onto a moulded  MDF (i.e. Supawood) board. Various options of profiles and foil colours are available to mix and match. Profiles add character to a door if one is not happy with a square look.


Veneer doors are manufactured with a thin sheet of natural wood applied to a chipboard or supawood substrate. This finish allows one to see the grains and experience the natural beauty of the wood. Veneers are available in a variety of natural colours.


A semi-solid door also known as a Venice door comprises of a solid wooden frame with a veneer panel insert. This gives the illusion of a solid wooden door and the contract of the two surfaces creates an exclusive look. This stylish option is more affordable than solid doors and creates a modern feel.

Paint Technique (Farm style)

Paint technique doors are made of supawood with various options of patterns painted to give the effect of a farm style or modern kitchen.


Duco cupboards are an elegent way of paint technique. It’s up to 6 layers of spray painted on a superwood surface, Giving you a smooth and clean finish in honderds of colours.The doors can also be done in any pattern you prefer.

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